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Problems of Bank Lending

Introduction. In the post-crisis period, there are stagnant and sometimes disturbing developments in the global economy. There is crisis in some euro zone countries and the debt problems in the US, as well as the slowdown in economic growth in China and Russia. Despite this faster pace continues credit issue in the Russian economy, which supports a high level of consumer demand So is the actual analysis of observed contradictions, as well as methodological categories relating to credit operations of Russian banks. Theoretical analysis.

Credit Market: the Problems, Contradictions and Potential for Growth

Introduction. In the present state of the domestic economy, where there is a stable manifestation of stagflation processes will inevitably have to deal with problems in the field of credit and the banking system. At the same time it is the real situation in those areas of financial activity depend largely on the prospects and potential for economic growth. Therefore, the study of the conditions in which this activity takes place, and the search for reserves to strengthen the positions of banks in the market today are the urgent tasks.

Specification of Requirements for Credit Assessment of Borrowers

Introduction. Reviewed banking license by the Central Bank continues to occur, usually as a result of placement of funds by banks in the form of loans to the low-quality assets with low liquidity. The situation is complicated by a zero rate of growth of the economy and the fall in consumer demand. There is a growth of overdue loans, especially for small businesses.

Capital Market Structure Changes in an Emerging Digital Economy

Introduction. The structure of the capital market can be classified according to several parameters: time, institutional, organizational, etc. The article examines the functional structure of the capital market. Theoretical analysis. Various types of changes in the functional structure of the capital market due to the digitalization of the economy – human, monetary, currency, stock, credit and investment – are analyzed.

Economic Essence of the State Financial Resources

This article describes the theoretical material, the author says, proves illegitimacy of the inclusion of credit in the financial resources of the state. There is reason to believe this is not the result of neglect of owners of loan capital to the provisions of financial and credit of science, and their business interests, which sometimes do not coincide with the interests of the state.