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ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
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constitutional right to produce information

The Constitutional Right of Everyone to Freely Produce Information in the System of Personal Information Rights

Introduction. The article deals with determining the place of the constitutional right of everyone to freely produce information in the system of personal information rights. Theoretical analysis. The author considers different approaches of scientists to the definition of “human rights in the information sphere”, “information rights”, “right of information”. The author considers correlation of the constitutional right to freely produce information with personal information rights enshrined in part 4 of Art.

Features of Legal Regulation of the Constitutional Right of Everyone to Produce Information on the Internet

Introduction. Modern society is undergoing yet another information revolution related to the formation and development of the global information and telecommunication network – “Internet”. In this connection, there is the question of understanding the features of the right to produce information in the Internet space. Theoretical analysis. The author considers the production of information in the 19th century, in the Soviet period and the present.