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The Concept of the Social State: Sources and the Present

The concept «the social state» all is wider, especially last years, is used in domestic economic, political, jurisprudence. In the scientific article attempt of judgement of substantive provisions of the concept of the social state is undertaken.

Development of Constitutional Law to Free Higher Education in Russia

The article deals with the problems of formation and development of higher education in Russia and establishment of law to free higher education in Russian Constitutions of 1918–1978.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutions and Legislation of Foreign States

Introduction. The United Nations and the World Health Organization are completing the formation of an international system of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, carrying out the implementation provisions of this system into national law. The ongoing process obeys to a number of general rules, whose analysis is carried out in this article. Object. Universal patterns in the development of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, using as illustrations of this development the constitutions and the laws of India, Switzerland and Gabon.

Theory of Personality Constitutional Duties

Legal responsibilities of an individual are a kind of legal social norms. Every member of the society has a legal obligation (general, special, individual). Highlights from the legal obligationsenshrined in the states’ Constitutions. Purpose of article – to determine the total (theoretical) and specific constitutional duties of the individual. Results.

The Person and Citizen Rights and Freedoms Restriction in the Conditions of the Martial Law in the Russian Federation

Introduction. Two modes of implementation of the government – ordinary (usual) and extraordinary are fixed in constitutions of the states (special legal, extraordinary). The basis for introduction of the extraordinary mode is internal or external threat to the constitutional system of the state, to existence of the state. The purpose of introduction of the extraordinary mode is restoration of the constitutional law and order. A necessary element of the extraordinary mode is establishment of restrictions of the rights and personal freedoms.

The Category of “Public Control” in the Constitutional Legislation of Foreign States

Introduction. This article analyzes the constitutional legislation of foreign countries for the existence of a normative consolidation of the category of “public control” in it. The article studies the legal and technical approaches to determining the content of this concept, applied in foreign countries, as well as general and specific features of the institutionalization of public control in national legal systems.

Constitutional Regulation of Economic Relations in Foreign Countries: History and Modernity

Introduction. The constitutional regulation is considered as an impact of a constitution on the most essential aspects of life in society. Singling out common features of the constitutional regulation, “generations of constitutions” does not resolve an issue of existence of the common and special features in formulation of the principles of functioning of various systems, including economic relations, in constitutions of various periods. Theoretical analysis.

Constitutional social rights in the countries of the European Union. Theoretical provisions and problems of implementation

Introduction. Social rights belong to the second generation of human rights and freedoms, they ensure social security, all-round development of the individual. They are widely represented in the national legislation of the countries of the European Union, primarily in the relevant legislation. However, the same cannot be said about constitutional law, which is associated with different approaches of legal scholars and proven practices in the legal regulation of the implementation of social guarantees in a particular state.

Category of «Value» in Constitutional Law of Russia

The article investigates the category values in constitutional law. The author examines the constitutional and legal content of such values as a person, his rights and freedoms, equality, justice. Enshrined in the Constitution and the realization of these values cause the development of Russia as a democratic, social state.