chief of division of inquiry

To the Question of Criminal and Legal Policy Efficiency in the Sphere of the Crime Prevention Against Criminal Legal Proceeding Participants

Introduction. In the Russian Federation the criminal and legal policy in the sphere of protection of criminal legal proceeding participants against criminal encroachments is ineffective. This circumstance leads not only to serious obstacles in justice implementation, but also to direct threat of the personality. One of prevention means of the considered crimes is their criminal legal protection. Nevertheless, the criminal law does not regulate protection of all criminal legal proceedings participants and that is the essential gap in the criminal legislation. Methods. In this work the methods of the criminal legal regulations analysis and sociological poll of more than 1300 paticipants of criminal legal proceedings were applied. Results. The results of research shows that it is necessary to carry out criminal legal protection of the criminal trial participants who aren’t included in the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation such as private accuser, witness, head of investigative body, chief of division of inquiry. Besides, it is necessary to optimize criminal legal regulations that order the protection of other participants of criminal trial. Conclusion. Based on the received results of research, it offers to enter additions into some articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.