Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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agri-food complex

Substantiation of structural changes priorities in the Saratov region agro-food complex

Introduction. Modern challenges and threats to the development of the Russian agro-food complex determine the search for new growth sources of the complex, the strengthening of orientation towards the formation of a balanced functional and sectoral structure. The relevance of the regional aspect of research and substantiation of structural changes in the agro-food complex is associated with a deep socio-economic, natural-climatic and socio-cultural differentiation of the country’s regions. Theoretical analysis.

Priorities and Mechanisms for Managing the Interbranch Structure of the Agri-Food Complex

Introduction. In managing the competitive advantages of the agri-food complex, the study of the structural modernization of the agri-food complex on the basis of taking into account the levels of risks and the uncertainties of the economic situation that determine the possible boundaries of the use of regulatory measures is of particular importance.