Structure of Financing of Innovative Activity of the Enterprises of the Food-processing Industry in the Volgograd Region

In article the structure of financing of the enterprises of the foodprocessing industry in the Volgograd region is discussed. According to the author of article, existence of the uniform mechanism of financing of innovative activity of the enterprises of the food-processing industry creates advantages of their sustainable development on the basis of maintenance of efficiency of functioning of the mechanism of management with financing of innovative activity and consists in consecutive working out of philosophy, ideology, and also tactics and strategy of financing of innovative activity of the enterprise.

Problems of Banks Participation in Project Lending of Innovation

The article highlights the project credits innovations as consequences or during recent financial crisis of innovative projects financing in Russia. At the same time this study presents the factors that impact on the project crediting. The author defines the reasons of underdevelopment innovation project credits by Russian banks. He highlights some important elements of the project credits in the Russian banks practice.

Econometric Modeling of Spatial Interaction

The article discusses the econometric models that include spatial and spatio-temporal distribution of socio-economic phenomena and processes.

Harmonisation of System of National Accounts with Accounting

The article deals with methodological issues of accounting and the System of National Accounts (SNA), United Nations, 2008. A comparison of the two accounting systems on the basis of determining their conceptual bases: subject, object, unit of account, purpose and objectives of accounting, the institutional nature, tools, users of information. The capabilities for the harmonization of macro-statistic accounting with accounting.

Preconditions of Activization of Innovative Activity in the Food-Processing Industry of the Volgograd Region

In article necessity of activization of innovative activity for the foodprocessing industry of the Volgograd region is discussed. According to authors of article, food-processing industry development as the branch providing the population by foodstuff, and also pursuing purpose maintenance of food safety of the country, in modern conditions is impossible without development of conceptual decisions, the ideas, called to raise level of its competitiveness.

Perfection of the Russian Mechanical Engineering Technologies

In this article the concept, signs and laws of development of technical systems is considered. The special attention is given organizational and structural character of machine-building manufacture. Necessity of use of flexible industrial systems at the russian enterprises of mechanical engineering is proved.

Introduction and Development Process Approach to Management Foreign Economic Activity of Production Facilities

In the article negatives of structural approach to management are discussed. The process approach to management of production facilities used more better when structural approach now. Structure of subprocess «Performance foreign trade contract» was revised. Matrix of breakdown and lock-in amenability show in the article.

Specific of Evaluation of Innovative Projects Effectiveness Using Portfolio Approach

The paper considers the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of innovative projects, proposed the use of the expected commercial value, and provides risk assessment model for innovative projects.

Problems and Perspectives of Estimating of the Efficiency of Municipal Administrative and Results of Expenses Municipal Budgets

The article systemizes the main problems of regulations of expenses studies of low and method basis of the definition of efficiency of municipal administrative work and the results of expenses municipal budgets. The necessity of the use of minimal social standards in the process of management of budget expenses is explained. 

Reflection of Unfinished Production Cost on the Balance Sheet

The article describes the existing order of the reflection of work in progress on the balance sheet. It is established, that the current system needs improvement.