The coordination of innovative development of economy and strategy of sustainable development

In article the idea of coordination of the economical innovative develop‑ ment with sustainable development strategy is discussed. Sustainable development strategy is treated as long-term and purposeful develop‑ ments of global system «Man – Economy – the Nature». According to authors of article realization of sustainable development strategy doesn’t destroy the economy structure, there is no deterioration of population living conditions and destructive processes in economy and a society don’t develop up to the limits menacing to national safety

The System Characteristics of Internet Economy

The basic characteristics of Internet economy as a macroeconomic system, such as technological basis of Internet economy, reverse con‑ nections and so-called «critical level» of Internet influence on economy,  specific structure and infrastructure and basic system institutes, are examined in this article. These characteristics define Internet economy as a complicated system, with new quality and peculiar properties. The emergence of new forms of economic relations – Internet economy re‑ lations – comes forward as a result of the Internet economy elements synergetic interaction on different levels of economy.

Conditions and Factors of Realization of Regional Social and Economic Policy (теоретический аспект)

In the present work major factors and the conditions influencing for‑ mation and realization of the regional social and economic policy on the basis of the modern six-factorial concept and a kernel of development of economic systems are allocated. The given approach allows is system to present transformational and transaction the indicators influencing acceptance of administrative decisions.

Economic Independence of Regions in System of Economic Relations

In given article economic independence of regions is presented as result of development of market relations, the role of economic inde‑ pendence in воспроизводственных processes at level of regions, in realization of intraregional and inter-regional economic communica‑ tions is shown. Factors and principles of development of economic independence of regions are besides considered.

Contradictory Development NON‑SECTOR: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects

The article with the theoretical and methodological positions proved contradictory development of the nonprofit sector of the economy, it is proved that this inconsistency is manifested at three levels: the economic interests of its subjects, level of functioning (the behavior of his subjects) and the level of receipt of the final result. Identified internal and external contradictions of economic interests of the sub‑ jects of the nonprofit sector, its operations and produce the final result of the activity.

Рublic‑Private Partnership as the Important of Innovative Development of the Russian Economy

In article necessity of effective partnership of the state and private business in the conditions of formation of the Russian innovative sys‑ tem is considered. Its perspective directions in construction of socially focused market economy of innovative type are revealed.

Evolution of the Key Strategic Resource in Models of Economic Development of Russia

The article describes the evolution of patterns of economic development of Russia and its key strategic resource. Solved imbalances and contradictions that have emerged in the context of export of raw materials specifics of the Russian economy in different historical periods and a major limitation for purposes of determining the perspective of economic development and ways to achieve them. Outlines the main directions of the emerging new model of post-crisis development of the domestic economy and the role of technological resources to provide modern sustainable economic growth.

Innovative vector of Development of Agrarian Manufacture in Russia

In the article modern social and economic position in agrofood complex of Russia and in sphere of maintenance of food safety is considered, the condition of resource potential of agrarian and industrial complex is analysed, the major directions of innovative development of agrarian manufacture of Russia are presented and proved.

The Perspectives of Development of Russian Economy before the New Wave of Structural Crisis

In the article there are considered the reasons of modern structural crisis in Russian economy. The author makes a conclusion of a catastrophic economical lag in Russia comparing it with economies of highly developed countries. Recommendations about the removal of Russian economy to the path of leading development are given in the article.

Activization Factors of Foreign Economic Activities Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Volgograd Region

Activization factors of foreign economic activities development of small and medium enterprises in Volgograd region are represented as a hole system. The author proposes the appraisal plan of Volgograd region export potential in modern economic situation of globalization and economic integration to the world economy.