“Legal Category” as a Tool of Scientific Knowledge (on the Example of “Land” as a Category of Constitutional Law)

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the role of the “legal category” as an independent methodological method, with the help of which the process of cognition of legal phenomena takes place. The conclusions are adapted on the “ground” as a constitutional-legal category.

Purpose. The main goal is to determine the methodological role of the “legal category” in the process of cognition of individual constitutional and legal phenomena and processes.

Results. The author determines the essence of the “legal category” as an instrument of scientific knowledge, explains the expediency of applying this methodological method to the study of “land” as a constitutional legal category, based on its multifaceted nature, a special constitutional and legal regime and special significance for the people and the state public land relations.

Сonclusions. The author comes to the conclusion that constitutional norms are a legislative form of expressing the category of land as a consitutional-legal one; the content of the constitutional-legal category of “land” is the cumulative representation of it as a constitutional value, part of constitutional principles and the object of constitutional relations.