воспроизводство человеческого потенциала

Factors Convergence Russian Regions and Their Characteristics in the Reproductive Cycle of the Human Potential

Introduction. Search the development of the Russian economy is characterized by increasingly complex social and economic phenomena, differentiation and specialization of regions of Russia, accompanied by a steady increase in the number of factors that significantly determine the scope, pace and quality of economic growth. According to the concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020. One of these factors is the human potential. Empirical results. The article simulated beta convergence in terms of «actual final consumption of households per capita» for the 2002–2012 biennium. Identified key factors for the reproduction of human potential in the Russian regions on the basis of the principal components method. Held clustering that refines the types of regions, which compares the level and dynamics parameters of reproduction of human potential, as well as regional variations, indicating the convergence process.