венчурные инвестиции

Corporate Accelerators as a Tool of “Open Innovations”

Introduction. The article examines corporate accelerators as one of the most important tools of “open innovation”. The purpose of the scientific article is to substantiate the emergence of such an important phenomenon in economic theory and practice as corporate accelerators. Theoretical analysis. The authors examine the process of retaining the competitive advantages of the company in the conditions of “open innovation”, when there is a tendency to reduce the development cycles and the period when new products are introduced onto the market. In a competitive environment, corporations can no longer rely solely on the results of their own research and development. The next step is to consider the corporate accelerator as one of the simplest and most accessible tools of “open innovation”. The corporate accelerator is the most optimal for the introduction of an integrated system of “open innovation” in the company. The key goals of creating corporate accelerators are presented. Results. It is concluded that the most successful in the world are corporate accelerators, which have formed an ecosystem around themselves, within the framework of which there is interaction with partner corporations, experts, mentors, graduates and other individuals and organizations. In Russia, it is necessary to create corporate accelerators.

Essence of Venture Investments

Introduction. One of financial instruments of innovative activity is venture investment. So far the main tools and elements of infrastructure, investment of innovative activity, i.e. venture investment are formed, remains insufficiently developed in theoretical and practical aspect. In article genesis of the concept «venture investments» and its property is investigated. The purpose is the analysis of economic essence of venture investments. Theoretical analysis. For achievement of a goal the following problems are solved: different views on the term «venture investments» are considered; their merits and demerits come to light, own definition of venture investments is given, properties of venture investments locate. Despite the fact that venture capital investments have been around for a long time, however, well-established scientific definition while in the economic literature. The article analyzes the scientific papers that allows you to organize the various approaches to the definition of venture capital investments. Results. Justification of economic essence of venture investments, author’s approach to definition of venture investments, properties of venture investments is result of the approach offered by authors.