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Possibilities аnd Limitations of Integration Interaction Between Universities and Business

The article explains the necessity of the integration interaction between universities and business in order to effectively develop the national innovation system. The article generalizes possibilities of such integration. One possibility is when universities receive free access to the implementation of valuable ideas to market through the establishment of a mechanism of an active technology transfer. In the article examines the basic forms, tendencies, and limitations of the integration interaction between universities and business.

The Development of the Integration of Education, Science and Industry in the Form of Technology Transfer on Modern Phase of the Innovation Cycle of the Russian Economy

The article considers the development of the integration of education, science and industry in the form of direct and indirect mechanisms of technology transfer. The comparative analysis of such terms as «technology transfer», «technology commercialization», «innovation diffusion», «spillover of innovation». The article gives accent to the aspects and problems of technology transfer in the Russian economy.