Activities Professionalization of Corporate Control Systems in Russian Companies

Introduction. Article explains the necessity of activities professionalization of corporate control systems in Russian companies. Clear scientific selection of processes in the corporate governance system will determine their specificity, the composition of labor actions and functions for the formation of professional standards, which, in its turn will perform benchmarks in the development of educational programs for various levels of training in higher education system. Professionalization of the activities on corporate governance requires a clear separation of business processes and standardization functions. Theoretical analysis. The study of legal and corporate standards, coupled with the best practice of board of directors organization of the Russian companies has allowed to identify the main subject areas (directions) of activity in the corporate governance systems. Results. The author shows the relationship of corporate governance processes needs with the labor functions of existing professional standards for the purpose of justify the existing gaps in the qualifications required for the operation of corporate governance systems. Corporate management activities needs a professionalization and specialization, which in turn will require the restructuring of the corporate governance systems.