предприятия нефтегазового комплекса

Proactiveness as a factor of making an effective management decision in the restoration and renovation of equipment

Introduction. The main part of the enterprises equipment of the Russian oil and gas complex operates in different natural and geographical conditions, which requires a special approach to the organization and management of its restoration and renovation. Theoretical analysis. This article examines the definitions of such concepts as “restoration”, “renovation”, as well as the issues of a reactive and proactive approach to managing the processes of restoration and renovation of equipment. Empirical analysis. Based on field studies at oil and gas enterprises, the emphasis is placed on the validity of adopting a proactive approach to the management of equipment recovery and renovation; developed an indicator (index) of proactive management decision-making in the restoration and renovation of equipment. Results. This indicator can be used by the management of oil and gas enterprises to assess the rationality of organizing and managing the processes of equipment restoration and renovation, including the choice of self-service or outsourcing services.