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Legal Nature and Content of Constitutional Category of "Health Condition" of a Person

Introduction. The article is devoted to a complex analysis of the legal nature and constitutional essence of the category of “state of health” of a person. Discussion. The “state of health” of a person is a constitutional category, is reflected in the current Constitution of the Russian Federation, a number of federal constitutional and current laws, and widely used in various branches of law. However, today there is no clear legislative definition of the notion of a person’s state of health, although as a legal category, it often determines the possibility of various legal relations, if they are due to legal requirements for the state of human health. For the purpose of scientific substantiation and legislative registration of the term “state of health” of a person, the definitions of “state” and “health” are investigated in historical, scientific and regulatory aspects. The author notes that “state” is a characteristic of being, and “health” is a multidimensional category, the essence of which scientists have been studying throughout the history of human society. Conclusion. As a result of the systematic method of studying the definitions of “state” and “health”, the author suggests the notions of “health” and “state of health” of a person, which must be introduced into the current legislation as definition norms to clarify their meaning in the law enforcement practice.