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Demonstration of Fictitious in Intelligent Goods at the Economy Knowledge

Introduction.Changes in the economic system at the present stage first of all are bound to the changes imposed to the workforce. Currently, the intellectual work, which is characterized by cognition becomes more significant in industrial sector. In this connection, the importance of increased intangible goods, one of which is an intellectual goods run high. The intelligent goods have specific properties, one of which is fictitious. Theoretical analysis. The article contains various definitions of what «knowledge» and «information» are. It also contains the analysis of the features of the process of production of intellectual goods,in the creation of which the main resource is knowledge. Besides, the article contains the main approaches to the definition of «fictitious goods». Results. It is noted that there is a gap between value and the value of intellectual goods. Also noted that while determining the value of these goods comes up some difficulties with assessing the labor by their production. Based on an analysis of different approaches to the concept of «fictitious goods» defined that knowledge has the properties of fictitious and the intellectual goods is a fictitious goods, and that is its main feature.

The Concept of Fictitious Commodities in the Modern Economy: General Ideas and Key Features

If we look at the modern economy we can see how significant the role of intangible assets and intellectual work has become over the last decades. These assets include fictitious commodities, and nowadays we have to analyze different definitions of this term, explain its basic characteristics and price formation strategies.
Theoretical analysis. For signs of bogus goods is investigated, which serves as the basis for the cost of the real goods. The article discusses various approaches to the determination of fictitious commodities, and basic theories of value creation. Results. According to the research we have defined the key characteristics of fictitious commodities, showed the differences between the value creation processes of tangible and fictitious items. Also as a result of my research the main signs of fictitious goods which in the subsequent will be able to give the answer to a question of were revealed what goods are fictitious and in what feature of the markets of such goods.