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Constrainsts of Commercialization of Innovations in Russia

Introduction. The nature of Russia’s current economic development encounters restrictions on the commercialization of innovations in the economy, the identification of which was the purpose of the study. In the presented research, the inconsistency of the quality of the structure of the industrial markets of the Russian economy, forming its innovative segment, and the intensity of innovation spread in Russia is presented as the main problem of innovative development.

Theoretical analysis. The article considers neoclassical approaches confirming that in the market of perfect competition incentives for innovation are lower than in the monopoly market. However, in the conditions of monopoly, there are limitations to the development of innovation activity due to high costs and low probability of discovery.

Empirical analysis is based on the analysis of the data on the 50 largest technology companies in Russia and 30 technological products “for people” made in Russia.

Results. The conducted research made it possible to reveal the presence of restrictions on the commercialization of innovations related to the organizational structure of the innovation market, the monopolization of markets and low income of the population.

nfluence of Level of the Income of the Population on Development of the Manpower of the Region

Important indicators of level of living of the population
of the region is the income. Relevance of research is caused by
that now unevenness of income distribution of the population of the
region is great. Methods. In this research-level approach, and also
methods of comparison, the analysis, generalization and systematization
of data were used. Theoretical analysis and discussion of
results. In article income analysis of the population is carried out,
differentiation of the income of the population by types of economic
activity, national groups is characterized, comparison of the actual and
planned measure values of social policy of the region is performed,
influence of level of the income on development of a manpower of the
region is revealed. Conclusion. So, the income of the population
is higher, the level of living of a manpower is higher. As now the big
share of the population with the high and average level of the income
has opportunity to provide the development so far as there will be an
improvement of economic and social situation of the region.