Guidelines for Authors



1. All manuscripts on related topics that come to the journal "Izvestiya of Saratov University. Economics, Management. Law" are subject to expert evaluation and double blind peer review.

2. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the related subject and have publications of peer-reviewed articles on the subject for the last 3 years.

3. Referees are notified that the manuscripts delivered to them are the private and confidential property of the authors. The referees are not permitted to copy the article for their own needs.
4. Articles are reviewed anonymously. Confidentiality will only be violated in the case of the referee declaring that the information in the article is untrue or the data have been falsified.
5. In case the article is rejected the editorial board notifies the author of this decision by means of a substantiated response. Reviews shall be submitted to the Ministry of Education RF upon request.

6. If the review indicates the necessity to edit the article, it is sent to the author to be corrected. In this instance the date when the finalized version of the article arrives is considered the date of article submission.
7. Should an author disagree with the opinion of a referee the author is entitled to present a substantiated argument to the editorial office. The article may then be sent to another referee for review or to the editorial board for approval.
8. The decision on the advisability of the article being published is made by the chief editor, if it is necessary – by the whole editorial board.

9. Reviews of the articles are stored at the editorial board of the Journal for 5 years at least.



publishing articles in the journal " Izvestiya of Saratov University. Economics, Management. Law"


1.1. The Journal "Izvestiya of Saratov University. Economics, Management. Law "is published 4 times a year and accepted for publication in Russian and English, general theoretical, methodological, discussion, critical articles, research findings in the field of economic theory, economics and management, and law.

1.2. To review article, the author should submit to the editor the following materials:

1) The text of the article in the electronic form, including code of sciene, information about authors, title, keywords, structured annotation in Russian and English (100-250 words), bibliography - a reference on the Russian, Latin and in English (see sample) in one document;

2) a statement of the results of the self-test in the "Anti-plagiarism".

3) the license contract.

Articles and documents should be sent to the editorial board of the Journal by e-mail:

Letters should be sent to the address: 410012, Saratov street. Astrakhan, 83, SSU.

Faculty of Economics, Dean's Office, The journal " Izvestiya of Saratov University. Economics, Management. Law"

Deanery of the Faculty of Economics of SSU: +7 (8452) 22-51-38.