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Kiselev V. K. Trends of the Normative Support in the Functioning of a Firm in Russia. Izv. Saratov Univ., Economics. Management. Law, 2013, vol. 13, iss. 2, pp. 170-175. DOI:

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Trends of the Normative Support in the Functioning of a Firm in Russia

Purpose. Regulatory support of the company is part of the institutional support and is a complex functional process consisting of both internal and external, as well as formal and informal characteristics that reflect the accepted parameters of the existence of firms in a particular stage of development of the country. This article discusses historical tendencies, theoretical and methodological issues of development and transformation of the normative support of domestic firms. Theoretical analysis. The basis of the theoretical analysis supports is the open nature of the domestic economy and law and their interdependent development. The following main stage and characteristics of the development of regulatory support firms in Russia are highlighted: early capitalist, Soviet, post-Soviet, «unbridled capitalism» and modern. Empirical analysis. There is historically conditioned priority of politics over economics in Russia. There is a relation of trends of the normative support functioning of domestic-owned firms with the dynamics of target political reference points and prevailing form of ownership. Conclusions. There is a contradiction of «double standards» of regulatory support firm: the simultaneous creation and elimination of the corruption. The modern trend will be determined more and more by upward dynamic of influence of the state, legal institutions, standards of ethics and morality for business development in regions and «de-offshorising» in Russia as a whole.

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