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Zemlyanukhina N. S., Fursov А. L. System Approach to the Professional Orientation in Region. Izv. Saratov Univ., Economics. Management. Law, 2013, vol. 13, iss. 3, pp. 373-378. DOI:

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System Approach to the Professional Orientation in Region

The professional orientation of the population (POP) is considered as one of the key factors in the formation of a civilized labor market, maintenance of a rational employment, creating conditions for improving the quality of working life for able-bodied citizens. The article raises a problem of the assessing quality of the realization of this system at the regional level. Theoretical analisis. selection of a systematic approach for the analysis follows from the name of the system. POP is considered as a set of interrelated components which has resources as input, target as output, the connection with the environment and feedback. Considering of POP begins with human resources which as a result should acquire new qualities that allow them to reach optimum combination of personal desires and social needs in the field of the professional employment. Research description. We conducted a survey of 11 experts who were asked to describe the POP in the Saratov region using two parameters: the degree of scientific, administrative and informational involvement of the subjects of career counseling, and the nature of the interaction between an POP subjects. Results. The results of the study indicate that POP of the Saratov region from the system position is not highly effective because the main principle of the integrity has not been considered. Subjects of the career counseling that form it aren’t bound together closely. There is an imbalance in the scientific, administrative and informational supplying in the work of individual subjects of career counseling. Therefore, the ultimate efficiency of POP is low. Conclusions. It is necessary to study POP from the standpoint of an interdisciplinary approach to create the basis of the development of principal federal programs and federal model system for career guidance for implementation in the Russian Federation with a regional focus, to develop an arrangement of legal and management solutions that will coordinate the cooperation of all subjects of POP. 

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