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Deputatova L. N., Lutchenko M. A. Analysis of Approaches to the Evaluation of Investment Attractiveness of Regions. Izv. Saratov Univ., Economics. Management. Law, 2013, vol. 13, iss. 2, pp. 215-218. DOI:

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Analysis of Approaches to the Evaluation of Investment Attractiveness of Regions

Introduction. The formation of the investment attractiveness of regions is a prerequisite for the innovative development of the country. Making decisions on investments depends on the regional environment conditions. Methods. The methods of rating by the Expert rating agency and the Forbes magazine are among the most popular ones of evaluation of the investment attractiveness of regions. The paper presents a comparative analysis of the methods by the indicators and information sources used. Results. Advantages and disadvantages of the techniques for making decisions on investments have been identified on the basis of a comparative analysis of the methods of the Expert rating agency and the Forbes magazine. Conclusion. Evaluation of the investment attractiveness of a region should cover the maximum range of factors and, at the same time, be understandable for investors.

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